Thursday, June 10, 2010


Vacations are wonderful things if they provide you with what you need. One requires different travel experiences at different phases of one’s life. You may have loved camping when your children were young, but now perhaps you crave leaving your camping stove at home and taking a cooking class in Santa Fe or even Oaxaca, Mexico.
If you are totally stressed out and exhausted, spending lazy days on a beach letting the sound of the surf polish your jagged edges may appeal to you.
If you are citified and longing for Mother Nature and adventure, then hiking through Patagonia in South America or even the more primitive trails in your home state may be your choice.
At the moment, my daughter and her new husband are in Alaska visiting our son who lives there. She has fallen head over heels in love with Alaska and the fishing experiences she is having. Her first day there, she stood in the ocean for six hours straight throwing out her line without a bite. Eventually, she snagged a salmon and hauled it in and was ecstatic! To my shock, my son informed me that she ate the fish eggs from the newly cut open fish right there on the beach-apparently that is what fisherpeople do. I am amazed that anyone would find joy in standing in waders in thigh high water all afternoon without food, drink or a toilet and then dining on fish roe without the sour cream or crackers. Not my thing, but then again, I don’t have a desk job in an architectural firm like she does where she pores over blueprints and the fine points of design. No wonder the majestic spaces and wonderful smells of Alaska appeal to her!
So dear readers, if you had unlimited time and resources at your disposal, what would your dream travel experience be at this point in your life? Where would you go and what would you do?

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  1. I too was in awe when I learned how driven she was to stand in the water for 6 hours without snacks or breaks of any kind! I'm guessing this speaks to the complacency one reaches after years of living in Alaska. I remember being fascinated with my uncle's backyard pool while they poured over random photos along the Parks Highway. The dream vacation coming from a lifelong Alaskan? Warm sand, surf, and sunshine are the biggest draw for me. "I can jump in the water and not die of hypothermia?!" This would be followed by a loud splash and water spray.

    Growing up in such a young location (Alaska just celebrated it's 50th Anniversary) I yearn to become immersed in older spaces such as centuries old cathedrals and the remains of civilizations that shaped life as we know it today. If I had to pick just one vacation I'd head out during the sunny months when I can sail the Greek islands and explore the rich history that all of Europe, the Middle East, and Northern Africa have to offer.